Tim Tyler

Tim Tyler is both the founder and director of Water for Christ.  Tim is passionate about providing clean drinking water for those who lack access, but greater still, is his desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Tim saw firsthand the need for clean drinking water on a mission trip to Ghana, Africa in 2010. God impressed upon his heart to help.  After returning to the United States, Tim attended well-drilling school and received certification in drilling water wells.  Then, he started the process of raising funds for what is now "Water for Christ".  Today, Tim serves as the Director of Water for Christ continuing to live out his faith in action while leading teams to Ghana drilling water wells. The ministry was born out of an urgent need in Ghana, but Water for Christ hopes to go to other developing countries in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world to supply people with clean water.

Rodney Castleberry

Rodney Castleberry is the Director of Evangelism for Water for Christ.  Rodney is also the Pastor of Calvery Baptist in White Hall, Arkansas.  Rodney travels with the Water for Christ team and leads all Evangelism outreach programs in Africa.  While in Africa, he witnesses to the youth during the day by visiting the schools and seeking permission from the local Headmaster or Principal.  In the evening he leads night time crusades where after a movie (often The Passion Of The Christ) he gives a short devotion followed by an invitation to come to Christ.   Rodney lives out his faith by being willing to "GO" where God sends him.  Rodney also actively participates in building the water wells by assembling and installing the inner casing PVC pipe.

Ben Temple

Ben Temple joined the Water for Christ team in 2015 as the Director of Marketing.  Ben helps facilitate trips to Africa assisting with passports, travel itenaries, and other various logistics involved with international travel.  Ben has a great passion for aiding with the water crisis and sharing the gospel.  When in Africa , you can find Ben behind the camera, trying to learn the native language, and training with the local football (soccer) teams.  Best of all, Ben enjoys helping the Water for Christ team visit schools to share the good news of Jesus.